Expanding Employee Productivity Quickly

These days, employees are being asked to do more with less. That means taking on more and different tasks that may go beyond their original skill sets to make up for a shrinking workforce.

We can help you prepare them with practical, short-term training in everything from design and productivity software to writing skills.

Your Company's Complete Software Training Solution.

Coldfire offers complete software training for your business, specializing in the most widely used design and productivity software titles. Our talented and personable trainers will make themselves available when you’re ready—at your location and at your convenience. We also offer a unique – and free – follow-up mentoring program to help you get through frustrating projects, or when you get stuck.

The Need for Employees to Communicate Effectively

Coldfire also offers basic and advanced writing workshops for your employees. We provide training to help staff members at all levels write more quickly and effectively – from emails and letters to reports and RFPs to presentations and speeches. Communicating properly is one of the biggest challenges employees must overcome to do their jobs well… But, with some training from Coldfire it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.

Free Pilot Program

Coldfire will conduct a free, one-hour overview of all our training programs and the possible packaged programs that can help you gain the new skills you need.

During the overview, we outline the details of each course curriculum as well as the specific skills you can expect to learn. We also provide plenty of time for you to ask questions on any aspect of the programs and how they are conducted.   We want to be sure you have all the information you need to select the programs that are just right for you and your organization.

Time is money. Stop throwing it away.

Stop Wasting Time Every day, employees everywhere are wasting time and energy by doing their jobs inefficiently or even incorrectly. And they may not have the awareness, know-how, or time to improve their skills.

Your company’s time and resources are far too valuable to waste, especially today when improving productivity and efficiency are a big part of your job.

We have all spent countless hours trying to figure out the quickest, most efficient way to do something correctly. Whether your people need to produce captivating graphics in a presentation, coerce a computer to print out 500 separate addresses on 500 separate envelopes, or draft a persuasive proposal or sales pitch, you need to get the job done fast and effectively…

And that’s where Coldfire comes in.

The Coldfire Difference

  • All Coldfire courses are completely customizable.
  • We realize that everyone we teach has a different background and different skills – so we won’t bore you with things you already know.
  • We understand the value of a real live teacher who, unlike generic videos or online courses, will actually answer your questions and help you solve problems.
  • Our courses offer a much greater value by helping our students to understand what they’re doing and by implementing the techniques and skills they need to know to succeed.

Who can benefit?

There are many types of employees that can benefit from training in business software. Below are some of the staff positions that we can help be more productive.

Design Software Candidates

  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Creative Directors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Copywriters and Editors

Productivity Software Candidates

  • Account Executives
  • Office Supervisors
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Executives of all levels

Communication and Writing Candidates

  • Administrators
  • Account Executives
  • Office Supervisors
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Executives of all levels